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Taiwan is home to a range of industries, including technology, manufacturing, and services, which offer numerous opportunities for businesses to sell their products and services. Additionally, the country’s well-developed infrastructure, high purchasing power, and strong consumer culture make it an attractive market for businesses looking to expand their sales.

creARTive is located in Taiwan for more than 20 years. We are not only familiar with the market, law, people and culture but also possess strong communication and interpersonal skills to provide invaluable support and overcome language and cultural barriers.  Additionally, we have experiences helping foreign companies successfully build up the sales channel in Taiwan in the past few years.

Why choose us for sales in Taiwan?

Taiwanese market knowledge

Established local networks

Language and cultural barriers

Regulatory and legal compliance

Cost effective and time saving

We don't sell products, we sell solutions We don't make sales, we build relationships We don't cut corners, we add value

Case Studies of Sales in Taiwan

Simple background

Taiwan is known for its love for seafood, and Norwegian seafood is highly regarded for its freshness, taste, and quality. Some of the most popular Norwegian seafood products in Taiwan include Atlantic salmon, cod, haddock, and king crab. These products are widely available in high-end restaurants, supermarkets, and online stores. The demand for Norwegian seafood is expected to increase due to the growing health consciousness among Taiwanese consumers, who prefer low-fat and high-protein seafood options.

A Norwegian seafood startup saw the opportunity and found us for their business in Taiwan.

The process

  1. We conducted market research to identify the current and potential seafood distribution channels.
  2. We work closely with the Norwegian seafood company to develop marketing strategies and materials in Traditional Chinese that are tailored to the Taiwanese market.
  3. We contacted and visited most of the distribution channels and built up the business relationship.
  4. We provide ongoing support, including logistics management, handling customer inquiries and complaints, to ensure smooth and efficient distribution of the seafood from Norway.

The result

We successfully help the Norwegian seafood company land their business in Taiwan and they are happy with the effective and efficient solutions we work out.

Simple background

An Indian animal feed company would like to expand their business in the Taiwanese market. However, they were faced with the challenge of not knowing how to navigate the complexity of importing and selling their products, like rice protein and corn gluten meal, in Taiwan.  So they found and came to creARTive.

The process

We worked closely with the Indian company to understand their products, target market, and business goals. We also provided valuable insights on the local business culture, regulations, and distribution channels.

We not only committed ourselves on the entire process from securing the necessary import licenses and permits to identifying and reaching out to potential clients, but also gave ongoing support to ensure the smooth operation of the business and continued growth.

The result

The collaboration between creARTive and the client is a proof to the importance of building strong partnerships and leveraging local expertise when expanding into new markets. Through this successful venture, the Indian animal feed company is able to achieve their business objectives in Taiwan.

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